The little things.

Dear Boyfriend or Husband who wants to make his little lady smile,
Thank you for stopping by at the Southern Statement to read about what women want– since it’s Wednesday and all!
I know last week we talked about flowers, but for those men that still feel like “flowers are a waste of money” or are out of time (READ: too lazy/unprepared), women also LOVE and appreciate, the little things- and if you don’t believe me ask Brad Paisley.
20140618-141911-51551509.jpg Love notes left in our car, sweet letters left behind while on a business trip- like my friend Ashley’s husband did
20140618-211246-76366068.jpg{soooo sweeet}, opening our car door, meeting us at the gas station to pump gas for us after a hard workout, bringing us coffee when we’ve had a crazy morning, texts telling us we’re beautiful [even on the mornings when were looking a little rough], complementing our outfits-because sometimes we truly work hard on putting them together, surprise emails when you had talked about that one thing you saw on groupon but never got around to purchasing

20140618-143252-52372074.jpg (novia is Spanish for girlfriend, Trey’s into Rosetta Stone right now) and really just any little thing to show you are listening, you are still very into us, and that you care.



Men tend to get comfortable in relationships about 5 seconds after the honeymoon stage is over. Y’all can’t let that happen because women need to and deserve to feel special every single day. Not only on birthdays, Christmas, or Valentines Day. Because then it’s not a surprise- and that defeats the purpose of the little things-duh! Chivalry is not dead, or at least I think it shouldn’t be. So please don’t use that as an excuse. Just because you’re BRO’s won’t find it bro-friendly, bro-tastic, or bro-animous (or whatever), doesn’t mean you can’t do it. & be proud when she shows off to her friends through social media- it only means she wants everyone to know how sweet you are, and letting you know the small deed didn’t go unnoticed. Don’t worry about the guys giving you a hard time about it, they’re probably just mad that they have you to compete with and will more than likely be hearing how sweet you are and wish they could be from their wives/gf’s when they get home from work.

So go ahead and do something small for your little lady, I promise, she will notice the time and thought you put into it. Not everything special has to be bought guys! So go on and google “how to make a paper heart” and have it delivered to her cubicle, you can thank me later!

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