Spring bags on SALE.

Do y’all remember being little and making fun of “the old cat lady” who had a million cats in your neighborhood? Everyone had one. You had to.  Well I kind of have a premonition that I will be “the old bag lady”. Trey and I will have 74 Pomeranians and tons of purses lounging around the house. Yes. PLEASE?

So as I was putting together a few of my favorite bags for Spring, I received a pretty little email from Shopbop’s Spring Sale. 25% off anything y’all! Most, if not all of the bags I’m sharing are from Shopbop. Use code SPRING25 . Sale ends 4/9.


I like clutches in Spring simply because hauling a huge purse in the Texas heat is not fun. The bigger the bag, the more stuff I throw in there. I promise y’all, I have the most random and unnecessary things in my big purses. I should do a post on it one day.

I hope y’all liked my picks!


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