Polkadots and Patriotism

Good Morning y’all!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! I was involved in a hit-n-run last week so I was driving my mom’s car all weekend–no complaints! But it makes me so angry how some people can just do that, I don’t get it, but thank God that I was okay. Went to a good friends bridal shower on Saturday, can’t wait for the wedding next month! Which is next week. Next week is February, where did the time go?!! February is one of my favorite months! Our anniversary, Valentine’s day, LOVE, the fact that it’s only 28 days is pretty cool, and everything at target is pink/red (my favorite). With that being said, I have some fun and exciting posts coming to TSS this week- What to wear, DIY, gift guides, wedding posts, and today’s Fashion!

Yes, I’m back. Finally had time for a shoot. One of my favorite patterns/prints aside from leopard print, of course are polka dots. So much you pair with them. During the fall I wore my J Crew polka dot button down religiously and paired it with plaid or a vest. These pants are so versatile! so comfortable! and so freaking cute. PLUS, I love supporting up-and-coming, small boutiques and promoting them. So there was really no reason to NOT purchase these.


Can we just talk about this royal blue blazer? LOVE this color and how the blazer adds a more professional/adult(ish) flair to the pants- making it okay to wear to work, but still cute enough for your niece’s birthday party.



 Who says we can’t be patriotic in January?








pants(ON MAJOR SALE) love this color too |heels|blouse|blazer also love this|necklace

May your coffee cup be full for the rest of the morning! Happy MONDAY. <3

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  1. Lovely outfit, I love your polkadot pants with blue blazer. Very refreshing outfit.o)

    Posted 2.3.15 Reply