Life lately

Well Helllo everyone. Holy Moly, this past month has been HECTIC, BUSY, and CRAZY- to say the least. We’re 8.5 months away from the wedding. (um whatttt?) Which is mainly why life has been nuts.

Even though I am active on social media (instagram, Facebook) almost daily, I seem to have neglected TSS. I have missed blogging so much- it just seems like every single time I start a post, I can’t ever finish because my ADD takes me to Pinterest or the Bachelor comes on and I kinda close my computer. (BTW that finale was crazy- I thought Becca had it in the bag the whole time.) So I wanted to catch y’all up on what’s been going on over here and promise to make more time for posts (especially now that most of my shows have come to an end).


Working out all the time– and 1/2 marathon training.



Living in Hotel rooms with my MOH


Birthday Celebrations for Allison

IMG_6385Brunched HARD




Cold and Rainy WeatherIMG_6549

Girls weekends


Went dress shopping in San Antonio with my mom, sisters, MOH, and the rest of my bridesmaids.



Still didn’t find THE dress :(


We found the most perfect Bridesmaids dresses of these pretty ladies. I never wanted to be the bride who was like “umm…you’re wearing this this and this, oh and don’t forget to buy this also.” I’m all about input and sharing opinions. Some people may think it’s a bad idea to take 8 bridesmaids with you to pick BM dresses out, but I have the best girlfriends ever, and it was so easy and made me feel so good that everyone voted and all agreed on one. Price, color, fit, everyone was more than happy with the dress- and I was soo relieved. Thank you ladies at Bella Bridesmaid in San Antonio for being so awesome and answering all of our questions.



We all have same tastes.



Wedding dress shopping Round 2:

I said yes to the dress! yayy!!

More working out

Wedding Activities 

Hashtag generator:


and we’re having two!

#gettingbrashed (thank you Karissa)

#happilyeverBrasher (thank you Wedding Wire)

Wedding Fairs with mom:


Picked out Wedding bands! <3


Rescued a baby that was in the middle of street :(

Went blonde


& somewhere in between all that fun was work- a lot of bloggers Blog full time- But I love counseling too much to ever make blogging a full time job. I read an article the other day on self-care for counselors. Counseling is so draining! I am so exhausted by like lunch time that I may or may not secretly take naps in my car. Hearing depressing stories all day and trying to figure out how I’m going to help these kids can be both really sad and really rewarding. The article talked about taking care of ourselves and leaving “work” at work when you go home, which is something I struggle with all the time. So in order to turn things around, I scheduled a massage appt for tomorrow and I will work on TSS more often (in need of a major facelift) and turn-off the counseling role as soon as 4:30 PM rolls around.


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