Gift guide for the Bride-to-be

Wedding season, yes again. Isn’t it always? So much fun wedding posts coming soon, but today I want to focus on gift giving. I love when people get engaged! I pretty much cry every single time I hear a proposal story. I’m all about making someone feel special on important events other that their birthdays. First big girl job, graduations, passed a huge exam, reached a certain amount of blog readers per day, NEW job, completed a 5k, bought a house- y’all get the point. I know when I got engaged I felt sooo so special thanks to my best friends and family. We were overwhelmed with love and well wishes, and a HUGE BONUS, GIFTS! <3

So what do you get the girl who just got engaged? Here are my picks!

Wedding gift guide bride to be gift guide


BTW most of these items are all things that I was given, or bought myself- so no, I’m not hinting anything to anyone.

1. Monogrammed anything and everything. Two of my best friends Allison and Steph got me a monogrammed robe and clutch with my soon-to-be new initials. I cried (of course).

2. Ring dish. Steph and Allison also gave me a ring dish that I absolutely love! I keep the it on my night stand so I wake up to it every morning.

3. Personalized hanger. My sister Angie ordered this awesome “Mrs. Brasher” hanger and gave it to me when I got back to Texas that Sunday. I love the idea of having my dress hanging my dress on it until the big day. Two of the girls Allie and Mal, also gave me a personalized cutting board-with a B engraved. You can never have too much personalization!

4. “Mrs.” anything and everything. Becoming a “Mrs” is a huge deal for girls, buy your friends anything with that on it- she will be totally set for the honeymoon. I bought myself that necklace, yes already.

5. “Bride” anything and everything. My sister, Gigi got me a bride turves tumbler. Love!

6. Personalized Stationary/Thank You cards/Planners. Because you know she will be using a lot of those during the wedding planning  process. May Designs is always a great outlet for pretty stationary and planners.

7. Wifey tee. (well duh)

8. Flowers, magazines, champagne, music– anything extra to get the party started.

Life is crazy busy right now, I apologize for being MIA. Time management and prioritizing are at the top of my to do list, I promise. As always thanks for stopping by!


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