DIY Monogram Burlap Canvas


So excited for The Southern Statement’s first DIY post ever. I promised y’all more DIY’s this year, so here we are.

As y’all all know by now, I love everything monogrammed- but when I saw this project on Pinterest I was so excited because I had bought the unfinished wood monogram with our post-wedding initials but hadn’t done anything with it. So here’s what I used:

  • Unfinished wood monogram  love this single letter one and circle block one too
  • Any color paint, I used an acrylic black
  • Canvas, mine was a 20×20 bought at Hobby Lobby
  • Burlap fabric, order as much as you need to cover the whole canvas
  • Staple gun
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap ribbon (optional)
  • wire or fishing line to hang the canvas (optional)


First, I painted the monogram. Front, back and all edges and corners to where it was completely black. IMG_5892.JPGWhile that dried, I cut the Burlap around the canvas and stapled the edges. Make sure you pull tight, so the fabric doesn’t look loose and and bulky.


Even though mine was extremely uneven in the back, the front looked great. & in my unexperienced DIY’er mind, that’s all that matters. :)IMG_5902-0.JPG

I apologize for not having more detailed photos but after the paint dried I hot glued the monogram to the middle of burlap canvas. Then made a bow out of the burlap ribbon. I stapled the fishing wire to the back of the canvas and created an upside down with it. Make sure you center it right so it hangs straight. I added the bow to the top of the wire and this is the end product.

IMG_5939.JPGI loved the way it turned out. Especially after seeing one like it on etsy for $50. Don’t be afraid to be a DIY kind of girl as opposed to a B.U.Y kind of girl!  I want to make more with different fabric patters and single letters. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Tuesday!

PS did anyone watch the bachelor last night?!! Thinking about doing a weekly Bachelor recap/talk. Let me know if this is something y’all would be interested in! I’m sure Trey is tired of hearing me blab on about the girls outfits and how romantic Chris is.


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