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631478a5a8a50ccadc00e3c2f3a14d7fThere are so many things on my list that I have always wanted to do. Does anyone else have these lists? Obviously I don’t keep notebooks full of DIY & bucket lists but I do have some pretty awesome Pinterest boards full of fun ideas that I can do in my second life.  Because let’s be honest, how many of y’all have actually attempted 25% of your pinned ideas (DIY’s, home deco, style ideas)?  I would say maybe 2%.  So one of my New Year’s resolution was to start scratching things off my list. & I’ve been doing pretty good at it. One of the things on my list/boards I have been dying to learn since pretty much middle school, when writing notes to your friends during the day was cool (why on earth did we write letters to them when we were going to see them during breaks and/or lunch? So freakin weird!). I have always been a fan of calligraphy, the modern kind. I love everything about calligraphy, except that it’s super freakin’ hard to get down. I have been doodling my little heart out since I was like 7. All throughout classes, writing all of my Middle and High School ex-boyfriends last name next to my first (you know y’all did it too) but never seemed to be able to get calligraphy down.

Fast -forward to getting engaged last year, and visualizing beautiful calligraphy addressed envelopes- I was determined to make this happen. I told myself I would open up an etsy shop and sell my prints for like $4/word (yes this is a thing, I’ve been buying calligraphy prints on etsy for forever now) These girls are bringing home the bacon y’all.  So I decided to research calligraphy classes, and found NOTHING in my hometown. I wanted to find a really good class taught by a really good calligrapher who did modern calligraphy, and I was willing to travel for it if I had to.

Then I came across this pretty thing in my email one morning:


I have been a big fan of Jenny Lake from A Fine Flourish for a while now. Jenny is a Houston based calligrapher and I just love her work and the modern look of her calligraphy. She has teamed up with Scarlet & Gold to provide FREE online classes- I was soo excited! I had been looking to attend her Houston or Austin classes but most were during the week and sold out pretty fast. So I knew I had to do this.


Scarlet & Gold offers the free class which is streamed live at specified dates & times each month. They provide you with a PDF packet for class that includes printables and step by step instructions. You must download & print the packet before the class start since they teach from it.  The free class will only be streamed live at the specified times. The only way to watch is to jump on then. There is only ONE class left in April.  It is tomorrow, April 28th @ 8 PM. You can sign up for this class and get more information here.

I took the class twice. My first time I invited my sisters and Mom to learn with me. Everyone was really into it. We enjoyed wine and girl time. I took my second class last night and I really truly feel like I’m getting better at it. Am I really going to be able to address our own invites- doubtful, but it’s fun to think it’s a possibility.


I will be attending one of Jenny’s classes in either Houston or Austin this summer and hope to get this thing down! She will be adding more dates very soon so if you’re interested be sure you’re following her on Instagram @afineflourish to get updates and stay in the loop because they sell out quick!


Hope y’all are inspired! Let me know if you have any questions and/or if anyone wants to attend one of her classes with me this summer! The more (wine) the merrier. :)


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