Life lately

Well Helllo everyone. Holy Moly, this past month has been HECTIC, BUSY, and CRAZY- to say the least. We’re 8.5 months away from the wedding. (um whatttt?) Which is mainly why life has been nuts. Even though I am active on social media (instagram, Facebook) almost daily, I seem to have neglected TSS. I have missed blogging […]

The best Tips for planning your engagement session

Good morning!! Hope everyone is having a good week with plenty of visits to target now that it’s decked out in pink and red! It’s been such a busy week at work for me, and it seems like every day we have had an appt with wedding vendors or other wedding related things. When your fiance […]

What guys REALLY want for Valentines day.

HAPPPY FRIDAY!!! I’m totally a new found believer of the “time flies when you’re having fun” phrase. They always said pick a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life. I am so happy where I am right now career-wise that I feel like my days go by so fast! […]

DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid?

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Did I mention how crazy I think it is that it’s FEBRUARY!? Like whatttt?! But yeah, I think I might have talked about that already. So were 11 months away from the wedding, and even though that may seem long for some, to me it’s like tomorrow, and I […]

Valentine’s day gift guide for HER.

I know it’s not Wednesday, but February is here, and Valentine’s day is only 12 days away! This year we will be celebrating Valentine’s day (which also happens to be our 3 year anniversary) at a wedding in Houston. I’m really excited to celebrate LOVE with all my High School friends this year for a […]