What women want: “The Football fanatics fiancé”

So it happens every year. College students show their school pride, fan memorabilia sales are at an all time high, everyone and their moms are tailgating, and fans come together to watch their cities team start the season- Football is back. There is something about the sport that makes me think that fall is here. Don’t y’all think? So unlike many other girls, this is something I truly do look forward to. Now let me just say that I love football, always have. But ever since I met Trey- being a football fan has a totally different meaning to it. For this weeks What Women Want Wednesday, I want to talk about Football Season.

Trey grew up with football around him. Alabama is huge on football and your either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan. Some houses are divided, and what I’m told is that many couples won’t watch the Alabama vs Auburn game together if they are from opposing teams. Crazy? yes, a little. But I get it. He was an Alabama fan pretty much his whole life, and stalks Nick Saban on the reg now. He knows what he eats everyday and how he is going to react to every game. Trey played college football in Mississippi, and coaches High School Football now. There hasn’t been a day in our relationship where the word football isn’t mentioned, yes even off-season. He is a Bama online member and check stats and reads up on recruiting year round. He even turned Maisey and I into fans.


There are literally forums upon forums of people saying “roll tide!” over and over again, I’ve seen it. So the good thing is that he is engaged to a football fan, the bad news is I like other things too. 

It’s so hard trying to balance date nights & work as it is, but when your other half is a High School football coach, you pretty much never see him during season. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but these guys meet everyday after school (which is of course expected), Thursday nights for Freshman games, Friday nights for Varsity games, AND Saturday mornings to review film and what not. Some even have to meet Sunday mornings, but not Trey, thank God. So Sunday’s football fix comes from NFL, and Saturday after he gets home from work, it’s all about College Gameday, especially if Alabama is playing. So yes, I get Football Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. I could be totally okay with 2 days, but 4?! When can I go shopping?  [lol] So I could totally be an unsupportive fiancé, and not go to the Thursday and Friday games but it is my alma mater, and I kind of like to see him on the field, in his element. It makes him that more attractive.

IMG_3558After talking to some football coaches wives, we all have the same problem- and we agreed on what we would want during football season. So guys, here’s the secret to keeping your lady happy during season:


We are totally okay with you being football obsessed, it’s actually kind of VERY attractive that you know every players name, position, number, and age. But if you know you are wanting to watch 35 games this week (obviously over-exaggerated) please send flowers on Monday.  It’s all about balance, make time for your relationship, make time for your girlfriend, especially if she isn’t a football fan. One problem I constantly hear pertaining to relationship failure is that the other person “changed”. But in reality, they just finally revealed who they truly are. So if you met someone in February, you wouldn’t know till August/Septemeber ish that they are totally obsessed with the sport. Guys, don’t you think there’s a better chance of it not turning into an argument if you did something special for her earlier in the week, or better yet- that morning: like bring her Starbucks to work cause the line was too long when she went? I think so! All women want during football season is for their guy not to completely leave her hanging in the dark. Do you want to spend all night fixing your THREE fantasy football rosters instead of watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with your lady? Then you should probably send her a really sweet text during the day and meet her for lunch on your break so she can tell you all about how excited she is about J Crew’s spring line and  you can listen to her vent about co-worker issues. I promise, just keep the word BALANCE in mind- and this football season will be the best one yet (for your relationship). You’re welcome.


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