Happy Birthday Trey! <3

I just have to send a huge birthday shout out to my future hubs Trey! Happpy Birthday babe!! Can’t wait to celebrate! Thank you for making me laugh every single day. Can’t wait for many more birthdays with you. Also, good luck on your first day at your new job! I’m so lucky to have you, love you so much! xo

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So, I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty eventful. We kind of sort of, might have, crashed a couple weddings. The band we’re looking at to play at our wedding wanted us to come listen to them play so we dressed up and made it a date night. We went to dinner, my friend Sasha came along, even though she was in PJ’s when I called her to tell her we were picking her up. We had fun and loved the band! Thinking about booking them sometime soon.

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On Friday, Brides.com featured an article on manicures for engagements. I was so excited to see that one of my photos was featured, and loved that it made the top of the list.


“We have to kick off this roundup with this amazing photo that features bride Ginger Ramirez’s red mani. We love how she picked a classic hue to let her gorgeous, emerald-cut engagement ring shine. That, plus the details in this picture (hello, Kate Spade clutch and gold watch), show that this is a bride with great style on her nails and everywhere else!” –Brides.com

Here is the link if y’all wanna check it out!

Fashion post coming soon.  <3

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