Fall Trends

Remember how I said I was going to be talking A LOT about Fall fashion? Well clearly, I wasn’t lying. New York Fashion Week came and went, and I spent the whole week in Texas pretending I was there by stalking every #NYFW hashtag and watched many many E news fashion week specials, along with of course reading up on each shows collection theme. I am SO excited for J Crew’s spring line- love this look & these pants!  Kate Spade of course never disappoints, she always makes me feel like I should be at a pool party in the Hamptons wearing this. A girl can dream,  y’all.

So lets rewind a little bit, shall we? FALL. I’ve been immersing myself in fashion magazines pretty much as soon as the mail man drops them off and have collected a list of things that we are all going to need in our closets this season. & since I had a huge Pinterest boards makeover (follow me here), I also spent a lot of time pinning ideas for y’all. So without further adieu, this weeks Trendy Tuesday presents:

Fall Trends

Oversized sweaters


There is just something about oversized sweaters that makes it acceptable to look like you just rolled out a bed. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are also so easy to style. Pair them with any leggings, jeans or even shorts and cute booties (only acceptable in Texas :) )! Really wanting this one right now.

Leather leggings


My favorite. These can dress up any top and give it an edgy look. Don’t worry, you won’t look like Kim Kardashian (if you don’t want to). The fun part is that they look great with heels, AND flats. Cotton leggings are not listed but are a must as well. Great staple when you’re in a hurry to pair with any tunic, big scarf and boots.

Fur (faux) vests


When you’re from Texas it’s something you will probably only wear once. But you know what? If the price is reasonable, once is enough in my book!  I just purchased a very veryy inexpensive one that you will see up on the blog when it arrives!

Puffer vests


Duh. You know that gameshow (I think it’s called Password) where someone says a word and you are supposed to respond with the word that they’re trying to get you to say? Well if my best friend said Puffer Vest, I would say J Crew? and we would win a trip to Europe to meet Prince Harry. Don’t you want to meet Prince Harry (birthday shout out)? Well then, remember Puffer vests =J CREW. This is the time I wish I had a 5 year old to buy this or this for. (Mal if you’re reading, Micaela NEEDS) But really, Puffer vests will quickly become your best friends, so easy to throw on over any flannel or graphic print tee and will keep you warm too, without feeling like a huge marshmallow. WIN.

Mixed prints

IMG_4004.JPGThis trend is pretty much perfect in any season. You just have to know how to work it, and don’t be afraid to try mixing it! The trick is to somehow, some way, tie the whole outfit together. I’m totally loving stripes with camo, or leopard print paired with plaid. YES YES YES.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Military inspired


Think: Army. You can do a grungy military look with your boyfriends oversized white v-neck front tucked in camo print pants paired with a leopard belt and nude single strap heels, or you could totally pair a army green jacket over black leather leggings- the options are endless. This is one of my favorite trends!

Graphic tees


Anything that says something quirky that you were probably thinking but would never say out loud, YOU NEED. Some of my favorites: “Sorry I’m late”, “More issues than vogue”, and “Haters gonna hate”. So cute and unexpected when wearing it under a cute blazer and heels. That’s what makes graphic tees so fun.

Animal print


If you follow me on instagram you know that I have a crazy obsession with leopard print, but lately here- snakeskin is becoming a regular in my closet. Like leopard, it is so easy to pair with outfits! Trey isn’t a huge fan of animal print, and really not that many guys are- but what do they know? If you’re trying to impress a guy, then I would probably skip this trend, but who tries to impress guys these days? GO WITH THE ANIMAL PRINT. BE FUN!


& of course, the obvious- Plaid


Plaid says FALL. No need for an explanation.

All of these pins can be found on my Pinterest board “fall trends”. They should all have direct links to details as well. Time to shop!

[ Disclaimer: All pictures in collages were taken from Pinterest, none of these images are mine.]


  1. Yes yes yes! I agree with all of these! I am especially excited for the oversized sweaters, leather pants, and faux fur vests!

    • It’s still so hot in Texas but I already wore my faux leather pants, (whoops), bought a ton of oversized sweaters (whoops), and I’m my fall faux fur vest is on backorder. (whoops)! ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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