Who’s ready for some football?!

So I know what y’all are thinking.. Fashion blogger, into sports? I’m probably one of the very few, but I’m proud to say I’m a big sports fan and I couldn’t be more excited for football season to start, especially after an amazing championship basketball season with my Spurs. So when you’re in college football season is probably the best time of your life. If you’re a girl, you can’t just wear jeans and a cotton screen printed t-shirt with your schools logo on it- or at least not in Texas. Football is big, and us girls like to dress up. Cowboy boots, cute dress, big Kendra’s, even bigger hair, and lip gloss, to be exact. But you also don’t want to buy a generic dress from your University Co-op (or bookstore) that every other girl will have on that didn’t have time to find a cute one in your school colors at forever 21. That’s where cute online boutiques come in…What are the odds of running into someone with your dress now? not very high y’all. Probably every girls dream (yes please!) I’ve put together a few outfits for all you COLLEGE FOOTBALL fans. UT and A&M in Texas, and I couldn’t leave out the crimson tide, since my fiancee has successfully convinced Maisey and I to become fans. (He is at another level with Alabama Football) 1234860_10151660774806238_906609702_n [Texas weather is usually still very hot during football season but in Alabama, fall is a perfect mix.] First the aggies:


then of course UT

UT gameday

and last but definitely not least, Alabama

Alabama gameday

I will be adding more game day wear through out the season, for NFL teams and other Universities as well. Email me if you would like to request your teams. Also wanted to share a few boutiques with y’all that have super cute dresses/tops for game day. It makes it easy to slip your boots on and meet everyone for tailgate: IMG_2904.PNG

The Blue Door Boutique


Shop Kuriel

[use code: REPGINGER for 10% off your purchase]


Shop Entourage Clothing


Dear Stella Boutique

Countdown to kick off:

NFL: 28 days

College: 21 days

Happy Shopping!



  1. Love all these dresses!!

  2. Always love gameday fashion and tailgating too.
    Aggies had a good night. More good football to come.

    gameday dresses

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