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Hi ladies!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Tomorrow is Friday, AND AUGUST. Where did the summer go? Be sure to put your brights to work now, because here comes fall!! Boots, scarves, cool weather, christmas music, yummy food, leggings, Starbucks seasonal drinks, and dark denim. LOVE. Can’t wait. [Rant done] So anyway, I’ve gotten a couple requests for business casual outfits here lately and I spent all last night putting these babies together for y’all. As young professionals, we don’t want to look like we’re 58 year old grandma’s with a collection of different colored cardigans to wear to work on the reg. But, we also don’t want to not be taken seriously at work because of our outfit choice and hair that smells like happy hour debauchery. I tried to put together a couple outfits for you guys that say, “Hey I’m just as smart as you are AND I’m also younger and more fashionable”. <3  Also, I tried to keep the prices of the actual clothing at a minimum, and as far as the accessories you can always substitute out if you don’t want to spend that much. So remember, they’re just ideas of things would wear, ;) So without further adieu, BUSINESS CASUAL FOR YALL.

Fall business

I know I mentioned that we needed to wear our brights now, this outfit is a perfect transition from summer to fall. LOVE that cognac faux leather pencil skirt. I searched high and low for that baby and finally found something similar to what I was looking for. The limited had a great one last year but I couldn’t find it online- so hopefully they will bringing it back this year sometime closer to fall. I finally caved last night and bought the Courtney Bib from Bauble Bar. I just love what you can do with it, and it definitely brings every outfit to life. There is obviously no denying that I love leopard– because IT IS A NEUTRAL- and there is also no denying that those pumps were made for this outfit. JUST LOVE.


I was trying to find a cute chiffon houndstooth blouse to pair with this crimson-ish skirt- for you Alabama fans, but couldn’t find the perfect one. But you can never go wrong with a simple black top and a cute blazer, you have to let the skirt be the statement. A little Kendra, also never hurt nobody- teal again, perfect transition to fall, and it pairs so good with maroon/crimson!

Cobalt leopard

This was my favorite of them all, I think- or one of my favorites. COBALT and MUSTARD YELLOW, like a match made in heaven. Just perfect. These trousers are also cropped, which are my fave kind so you can see the full shoe and show them off to your cubicle buddies. I also had to throw in the leopard, because, again- IT IS A NEUTRAL. Really y’all, don’t be scared of a little animal print in the office. Just don’t over do it, and everyone will be happy. And can we just talk about Kendra’s new drusy necklace. LOVE. I bought the white Iridescent drusy last weekend, and will probably be ordering this color tonight since I’m obsessed with what it does to this outfit. <3

Cognac navy fall business meeting

Anything navy is perfect office attire. It’s a great alternative to black and you can also work navy easier with brown tones. Love this skirt, I just feel like leather cognac skirts are gonna be big this fall so I had to add two to this post. I went with a white top, but really any color will do- Navy is a friend of all colors. Pick a different color and change up the jewelry, the options are endless!

Navy blue business casual

Gray slacks are big in the workplace pretty much every year. Navy and gray are such a great combo for any season. This loose fitting blouse says “Hey, I’m fashionable AND professional” doesn’t it? and PEARLS. Like you can never go wrong with pearls, classy and timeless- exactly what you are trying to portray in the office.

Let me know what y’all think!



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