What Women Want: Monogram gift giving

Let’s talk about the biggest trend since MK watches became a thing. I’m talking about monograms. Guys, Women want monograms.

Monogrammed bags, monogrammed coffee cups, notepads, cell phone cases, desk essentials, clothes, pillows, pens, purses, wallets, all decor, really anything and everything. It’s a trend that is here to stay! So if you’re looking for something different that will make your girlfriend or wife really think you put a lot of thought into it- go with something monogrammed.

Now that you get the point here’s a few points to remember when ordering your products:

Monogram Etiquette: 

Monogramming a gift for your favorite Lady:

Tradition dictates that the order of woman’s initials in a monogrammed gift should be include her first name, Last name, then Middle name. So for Stephanie Nicole Gura, the monogram would look like this:


For a Married Couple (or soon to be):

So say your wife has been looking for new throw pillows for your bedroom. Do her a favor and MONOGRAM THEM! All you really have to do is purchase plain naked fabric pillows and go to a place that embroiders, and tell them to monogram them for you. She will love.

SO for these the order is as follows: The Bride’s first initial, The Surname of the couple, and the Grooms first initial. 

You can also just order them already made, either embroidered or screen printed, pick your color scheme (consider your bedroom colors- of course) and walaaa!



I mean how cute do those look? These are from Twofunnygirls in case you are interested.

So Guys, don’t worry- of course I’m not going to leave you hanging and not tell you of secret places and shops you should check out for all things monogrammed.

  • One of my favorite sites, etsy.com is the queen of personalization. The link provides you with different ideas and shops that create monogrammed gifts. some decals that you can put on basically anything for as little as $0.20, yes 20 CENTS. Check them out.
  • Marley Lilly has everything and anything from earrings to toilet paper, jk-but almost. You can’t go wrong with monogrammed items from Marley Lilly.
  • One of my go to’s for jewelry, Baublebar has a personalized shop with all kinds of monogrammed jewelry, and you get 15% off your first order!  I mean how hot is the Courtney bib on this girl?


  • I have like 7 monogrammed phone cases. You can never go wrong with monogrammed phone cases. I’m currently in love with all of Pretty Smitten‘s cases and stationary too. Everything is customizable too, just message her and she will create something cute for your girl! I personally love this, and would probably incorporate lighter colors and GOLD monogram, because I’m obsessed with anything gold. OMG I’m about to place an order now.


Always check with her and see if she is into monograms. If she owns one thing that’s monogrammed then save the awkward question and go ahead and jump the gun on this gift, cause I guarantee you she will love it. Monograms say “I love you so much that I personalized something for you and thought about your gift ahead of time”.  Place your orders asap because monogramming or personalizing for some shops will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

You’re welcome, guys! (ladies).



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