What guys REALLY want for Valentines day.


I’m totally a new found believer of the “time flies when you’re having fun” phrase. They always said pick a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life. I am so happy where I am right now career-wise that I feel like my days go by so fast!

I’ve always been the girl that gives sentimental gifts as an extra to the materialistic thing. I’ve done every Valentine’s day DIY for guys you will find on Pinterest, guaranteed. 365 reasons why I love you jar, the memory box, beer bouquet, picture mod-podge wooden letter project (that didn’t even make it to him- it was THAT bad) the DIY resin table with old ticket stubs, restaurant receipts, flight tickets (I saved EVERY SINGLE ONE during our LDR), and so many others. Did he appreciate them? I’m sure- but DIY anything is not something guys are crazy about. But I know what y’all are thinking, guys are so hard to shop for- so we resort to writing sweet cards and ruining our mani’s with super glue instead, I’m with you. We all know this. It’s like you either ALWAYS do clothes, wallets, or watches. But apparently there’s a little more to their lives than these things. So I think it goes without saying, Trey helped me out with this post. Save yourself the hassle of the 48 Hobby Lobby shopping trips this next week and get to shopping ladies!

If all else fails, get him beer, pizza, and let him call the shots for a weekend? Maybe a week if you want to be generous. ;)

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