DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid?

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Did I mention how crazy I think it is that it’s FEBRUARY!? Like whatttt?! But yeah, I think I might have talked about that already. So were 11 months away from the wedding, and even though that may seem long for some, to me it’s like tomorrow, and I feel like I’m starting to freak out a little. Crunch time? Not quite, but I know we have a lot to get done. So for a wedding update; Trey and I met with a couple wedding planners- really loved one for sure, and felt like she understood my style and what I’m wanting. I think it’s important to meet with and interview a few in order to determine who you jive with better, who is organized, punctual, has the most experience, and most importantly- who understands that it’s your day and if you want to have 7 wardrobe changes (I don’t) then she shouldn’t judge, and of course find a way to make it happen. I believe we have one more who we’re meeting with- but plan on hiring someone by the end of the week, so I can breathe again. Seriously, I have no idea how you ladies with full time jobs, in college, with kids & a workout routine daily did it. Like really though, props to y’all.

We also met with a travel agent this week, I booked my appts for wedding dress and bridesmaids dress shopping, shot and ordered our save the dates and have been pinning nothing but home decor (that’s kind of related).  I would say we’ve been pretty productive here lately. Since we have been in full wedding mood this week- I decided to share how I asked my Bridesmaids to be in my wedding.

So first let me preface this by saying, I have 8 girls in my bridal party. 2 MOH’s and 6 Bridesmaids. I gave 6 of them their boxes in Dallas- meaning I carried these babies on not ONE, but TWO flights- which I’m more than relieved I never have to do again. My best friend Ashley lives in Dallas and most of us were going up there for the State fair so I figured that was a perfect opportunity. I have bridesmaids living all over Texas, so I have to take advantage of these weekends. But I had the biggest carry-on in America and was being judged by everyone at the airport. I really hope not, but my point is- it was a STRUGGLE getting these boxes to Dallas in mint condition.

There are so many cute ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. I may or may not have started searching for ideas on my flight back to Texas the day after we got engaged, whoops.

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Loved them all- couldn’t decide what to do, so of course, I kind of did it all. The box, the wine, the chalkboard labels, pictures, sweet card, candy, anti-bacterial, pens, and a bunch of extra stuff. (null)

1. Picture Collage

I put a collage together of wedding I found on pinterest that I imagined would reflect my wedding in some shape or form. I’ve probably changed my mind about colors 5 times, but it gave them an idea of my style (as if TSS didn’t already provide them with that).





2. Labels


I got labels printed on card stock and glued it to some more card stock for the wine labels. I bought the mini wine bottles because of TSA policies and because the box wasn’t big enough for regular wine bottles.

 (excuse the hobby lobby bag, they seem to be everywhere these days).


(ran out of paper- with two labels left to do. note: always buy the bigger pack of paper)

 3. Stuff the boxes

First I glued glitter scrapbooking paper to the inside and outside of the lid. Then, I added a lot of the string paper and put all the extras in the boxes. I also wrote sweet notes to them and printed out one picture of us to put in the card.



4. Personalize

I got all of the girls names written in gold calligraphy (my favorite). I glued the names on pretty paper, then on the lid of each box. Our date was displayed on a tiny chalkboard sign in the box as well.


Then also added “I can’t say I do without you” to the inside of the lid.



Hope y’all liked them! Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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