Valentine’s day gift guide for HER.

IMG_5788I know it’s not Wednesday, but February is here, and Valentine’s day is only 12 days away! This year we will be celebrating Valentine’s day (which also happens to be our 3 year anniversary) at a wedding in Houston. I’m really excited to celebrate LOVE with all my High School friends this year for a change. It’s about to get really busy around here so I know I have to get my shopping done ASAP. (Gift guide for the special man in your life will be up this week).  So I really really REALLY tried hard to stay away from the typical earrings and bags, but its so hard! I always tell Trey to never get me clothes because girls style is so different and hard to gage between sizes and colors. We like when you put some thought into it. Write a really sweet card for her, personalize something or maybe stick to a day of papering- like FULL day. Massage, mani, pedi, facial, THE WORKS. She will love. Or you can do something she has been wanting to try out and keeps telling you about and didn’t think you were listening- like a Calligraphy class. Sign her up! FLOWERS. duh. FLOWERS. always, you can never go wrong. Starbucks gift cards are always a plus, too. But if all else fails and you have nothing in mind and think flowers are dumb & your lady isn’t the pampering type, here are my Valentine’s Day picks for her. Boys, you have less than 2 weeks! Hope it helps!

You’re welcome.
The clock is ticking, guys. Happy Shopping!!


  1. I see you linked the large Longchamp, is that the size you recommend? I can’t decide which I’d get more use out of the large or the medium

    • Hi Hill! I really like the large Longchamp, I have one that I used in college to carry my books in. It really depends what you want to use it for. I love big bags! But I would go with a medium if you want to use it as a purse. Thanks for stopping by!


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