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Hey y’all! So good to be back-(ISH). I’m hardly ever sick, but when it does happen it hits hard! I’ve always had problems with sciatica. This week it was so bad though. I had crazy pain on my sciatic nerve, it like starts on my leg then goes up my hip and through my lower back- and it’s so excruciating. I haven’t been able to work out in weeks because of it and on Monday I woke up with the worst pain and felt like I was going to faint every time I would stand. So this is all causing crazy migraines- meaning no time to shoot or blog. But I just wanted to throw a post out there to let y’all know I’m alive, and since I’ve pretty much been laying in bed with my computer on my lap I’ve been online shopping & pinning, obviously because what else is there to do when semi bedridden? Yes, I write this in PJ’s, while in bed, with a heating pad on my lower back.

I wanted to show y’all a few of my recent buys that I’m sure you will be seeing me wear (if you haven’t already) in the near future. I’m always up for a deal but with that being said, I also think it’s important to invest in pieces that are classic and versatile that will last a lot longer than once season.


The go-to handbag:

Tory Burch pieces are timeless. I highly doubt that 5 years from now this bag won’t be something you look at and think why would I ever buy that? Like any other designer, her collection might change up every now and then, but classic is her signature. My favorite thing about TB is that there is nothing crazy and outlandish about her pieces that will limit the times you can use them.  This luggage color is my favorite, great for every season too! So if you go with a Tory, I promise, you’ll never regret your decision on buying the bag.

The open-toe bootie:

Every girl needs a pair of these for the fall season. In Texas, and other EXTREMELY HOT states, these are also acceptable in winter. These were such a good deal at 50% off, I even got my sister to buy a pair too!

Blanket scarf:

This was last years big thing. The “Zara blanket scarf” I left accidentally left mine at a restaurant in Austin and never got it back. I found my new one for cheaper here, but have tagged an even cheaper version here and on the slideshow below.

J Crew Vest:

I know I’ve talked about these before, but there are certain colors on major sale right now! So if you’ve been eyeing these, now is the time to stock up y’all.

Chunky necklace:

Y’all know I’m obsessed with my Courtney bib it’s so hard not to over-wear it, so naturally when I saw this necklace and had a 20% off coupon, I had to get it. I like to buy simple solid color tops most the time, so necklaces like these add that extra kick you need during HH or a GNO. Sign up through this link and get 15% off your first purchase.

Faux fur Vest:

Member that faux fur vest I told y’all I ordered? Well sometimes measurements online don’t work out and I had to send it back for an exchange. I was so upset because I was so excited about this vest, the quality and the price were a plus, & I even told one of my good friends and my sister about it and they both ended up ordering theirs. Then my sisters best friend texted me asking for faux fur vest advice and I sent her to this one too. Unfortunately, the ran out of my size in brown, and aren’t restocking- so I just ordered this one in both aspen and saddleback. Also loving this JCREW factory one that’s on sale.

Getting back to Fashion next week! Have tons of cute outfits coming to y’all! Hope to feel better by tomorrow. (Crossing my fingers!)

You can also shop the pieces here:


  1. Catherine R. says:

    I love the blanket scarves but I need a tutorial on how to tie them without looking like an idiot. They are so big and I have serious trouble with them.

    • Hi Catherine,
      I will try to post a quick tutorial on how I tie mine soon. Thanks for the feedback. & Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i need those booties in my life! and the zara scarf. and the jcrew vest. and the courtney bib. fml! love you!

  3. Love that blanket scarf you linked to!!

    • Thanks Lex, they’re both steals compared to the actual Zara blanket scarf that I had last year, and pretty much exactly the same. Thanks for stopping by!

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