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Summer time Neons

There’s nothing that screams SUMMER louder than NEON and BRIGHTS! Notice the all caps emphasis on the words? Good. We’re on the same page now. :) Hope y’all had a fab weekend! Trey and I were a little busy this weekend. For the first two weeks of our engagement we just kinda talked about future […]

What MEN want Wednesday?

So for this weeks WWWW, I thought we’d change things up a little. Don’t worry ladies, I’m not betraying y’all or forgetting what Wednesdays are all about, this is just something that might benefit y’all in the long run. I got an email from a reader in Minnesota who suggested writing about what men want, […]

You can never go wrong with pink

Hey y’all! Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend. We had a surprise birthday party for my mom on Saturday so it was a fun, but very busy weekend. The theme was black and white so the birthday girl stood out in red! Happy Birthday mom! We had so much fun and she really enjoyed her […]

The little things.

Dear Boyfriend or Husband who wants to make his little lady smile, Thank you for stopping by at the Southern Statement to read about what women want– since it’s Wednesday and all! I know last week we talked about flowers, but for those men that still feel like “flowers are a waste of money” or […]

The best day of my life.

Hi everyone! Soooo I’m so excited to share some news! This weekend was the best weekend, probably ever. I’m excited to announce that I’m engaged to the love of my life and I’m still on cloud 9 as I write this post on our flight back surrounded by clouds! ;) I wanted to share my […]