6 months to go!

Oh hey y’all! I was thinking about doing a life lately post since we’ve been out of town the last 4 weekends and life has been Crazy, with a capital C- but then I realized we are officially 6 months away from the best day of my life & I decided to share some engagement pics and our save the date video. Yes, i said video. #we’rekindofcrazy

We’ve taken 3 sets of engagement pics. Again, #we’rekindofcrazy 1st were taken in Vacherie, Louisiana where Trey proposed- on the day he proposed. This explains my red eyes, and mascara all over my face- but don’t worry I won’t be sharing the close ups! This was such an amazing day and I’m soo soo thankful for pinterest and for Trey being smart enough to see that I pinned something that talked about having a photographer during the proposal. BEST thing ever. 

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I have always loved Alabama in the Fall. The color of the leavessssss y’all! We don’t get pretty seasons in Texas, so naturally we knew Alabama would be where our official engagement photos would be taken at. Can I just say it is so freakin stressful for an always-last-minute-kind-of-Texas girl to pack for Thanksgiving & engagement pictures in Alabama. It was very COLD and we were VERY late. I felt so bad! But here our some of our favorites from the Alabama Shoot.


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Our 3rd and hopefully last set of engagement photos were taken in New Orleans, a couple of weeks ago. We were in town for a wedding and decided to stay an extra day to take engagement photos done at the place where we met! We still haven’t received those, but I’m dying to see them!

Now to the fun part!savethedatepic

Now that all of our guests have received their save-the-dates (or should have by now), I wanted to share our video with y’all. Trey and I wanted to incorporate the long distance part of our relationship some how in our save the date. Since so much of our early relationship revolved around flying back and forth to see each other, we knew we had to have an airplane involved. We knew a local videographer offered short video clips as part of the Save-the-Date, but we were looking for something a little more elaborate. Trey came up with this crazy script for the video, and we met with the videographer to pitch the idea to him and his team. Typically they only shoot a clip of 30 seconds max, but we were looking for a couple minutes worth of film. Fortunately they liked our idea and we love the way it turned out. Trey and I enjoyed filming the process so much & even though it took literally a full day of shooting, we had so much fun with it and were so excited to see the end product.  So basically we sent out this card and our guests can either view the video online or they can dl an app and hold their phone over the Save-the-Date card and it begins playing on your phone’s screen. Wherever the Save-the-Date card is, thats where the video plays at.  Technology amazes me sometimes, y’all. It’s nuts. So I’ll stop talking now.. without further ado, here is our Save-the-Date video!


Can’t wait to marry this crazy guy in 6 months!

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